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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are committed to living our lives from a faith-based perspective. Do you incorporate religion into your practice?
    Our clients come from a wide spectrum of religious affiliations. We honor all beliefs about living life using the spiritual principles that have meaning for them.
  • What is your specialty?
    We use evidence-based theoretical and behavioral health principles, our approach and services encourage understanding the power of emotions, planning, and targeted actions to create desired outcomes.
  • Can I schedule a virtual appointment?
    We offer webinars, teleconferencing and online consultation services using a HIPPA privacy approved platform. Additional fees may apply.
  • Can classes be scheduled at my business or for my organization?
    Yes, business owners, non-profit leaders or organizations can schedule classes or special consultations. Visit our Contact Us page or call 404.771-1950 for more information.
  • How do I get started?
    To schedule a confidential consultation and/or appointment, contact 404.771-1950 or send email.
  • How much do services cost?
    Pricing and Rates: Cost per 50 Minute Individual Session: $150.00 Cost per 60 Minute Couples Session. $180.00 We accept Kaiser Health Plan and Private Pay. For Private Pay clients, we can give you a super bill to send to your health plan for reimbursement.
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